Shape your water future - the revised draft WRMP

Closes 28 Nov 2018

Changes to our draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the public consultation on our draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019 (WRMP19). We have published a report responding in detail to the feedback we received to the consultation, called the Statement of Response. This sets out what people said and how we have taken the feedback into account in revising our draft plan. If you would like to read this report please go to our website:

We have also published our revised draft WRMP19.  This sets out the changes we have made to our draft plan in response to your feedback and in the light of new information.  This can also be viewed in full at

We would like to hear any new comments that you have on the changes we have made to our draft plan. We request that you do not provide any comments on the plan where no changes have been made, as this has already been addressed under the earlier consultation and our Statement of Response. 

Please scroll down this page to see our questions and answer as many of them as you wish.

If you prefer to make general or overall comments, or if you would like to upload a letter or other document please skip straight to Question 4 below.

A summary of the feedback from the public consultation on our draft plan and a summary of our revised draft plan can be viewed and downloaded here:

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1. In terms of managing demand for water, we have confirmed our commitment to reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 and put in place a new target of halving leakage by 2050 (see page 8 of the summary document embedded above). Please give us your comments about this change.

2. We have removed the Teddington Direct River Abstraction scheme. To compensate for this we have proposed additional activity to manage demand and to develop new water resources including innovative groundwater development in London, a new reuse plant in north London and earlier delivery of the water transfer from the Canal and River Trust via Oxford Canal (see pages 8 & 9). Please give us your comments about these revised proposals.

3. The reservoir in Oxfordshire has been brought forward from 2043 to 2037 to address, amongst other things, an earlier requirement for water from Affinity Water. The scheme will be jointly promoted by both companies and will improve resilience of the water supply system in the South East (see page 9). Please give us your comments about this change.

4. If you have any other general comments you would like us to consider please make them here, or upload your own document in the space provided:

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